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Pakistani Cricket Betting Laws

Gambling of all kinds has been illegal in Pakistan since 1947 when India and Pakistan were divided by the British.  Although technically illegal, gambling on Pakistan’s favourite sport is widespread due to poor enforcement by police and very light punishments.  The penalties for gambling are fines as high as 1,000 Rupees and punishable also by up to one year in prison, but both of these are rare as police often protect those in charge of taking the bets.  When laws are enforced, officials tend to pursue action against the illegal bookmakers that operate out of hotel rooms or other physical locations, though when a police raid happens, it is best not to be found in these locations as it will be assumed at the very least you are there to gamble if not part of the operation.  In general, bettors phone-in their wagers so they minimize the risk of being found in the betting den.  Al-Jazeera posted a video report about cricket betting in Karachi during one of the latest international cricket events, so you may see for yourself.

Further to the poor enforcement and corruption that allows gambling in general to exist, the 1977 Gambling Prevention Act was written before the advent of the Internet and only refers to the activities related to being found in gambling dens by police, not to activities with regard to online gambling through private means of your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Hence if you are going to bet on cricket, it is better and safer for you to do so with online sportsbooks that operate offshore and are not within the jurisdiction of local authorities.  

All of the sportsbooks listed on this site accept bettor registration from people living in Pakistan even though gambling as a general activity is seen as illegal if current laws do not specifically refer to online betting .  While you might respond to that by saying ‘”Well, the online sportsbooks want to have as many betting customers as possible” - you would be right, but you should also know that these sites all exclude customers from the United States where online gambling has essentially been made illegal.  They also refuse to register bettors from France where taxation and licensing of online sportsbooks is very tightly overseen by the French government.  We can thus all infer that these sportsbook companies are not currently worried by the laws currently existing in Pakistan with regard to their service.

Until the Pakistani government updates their gambling laws to adjust for the advent of online betting, online sportsbooks will continue to accept Pakistani bettor registrations and online betting will be the manner that provides bettors with more safety, reliability, choice and speed compared to traditional bookies.  Why bet with an online sportsbook for cricket betting?


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Discretion is still important

Mobile cricket betting in Pakistan is now better than ever.  You will be able to bet anywhere your phone has access to a data network. However, while the laws don’t refer specifically to the use of these contemporary betting methods, you want to ensure you are not openly showing strangers in public that you are using your phone to make wagers.

Although betting on cricket is widespread, for your own safety, it is best not to advertise the fact that you are using your phone to place wagers.  There is always the chance that you could be in the company of people that vehemently disagree with betting of any kind.  Although the betting laws are antiquated, the general sentiment through Islamic law is against it.  It is best to simply enjoy your bets without testing the sensibilities of those around you.   

When it comes to banking in the most safe and secure manner, it is likely best to use an e-wallet provider that is located offshore like Skrill so that you may provide a layer of security between your credit card provider or bank account and your online sportsbook of choice.   E-wallets don’t care where you have transactions and though you might use your card or bank account as the source of funds, those institutions will only see ‘Skrill’ as the destination, not a sportsbook company.

BetVictor is known widely in around the world for having some of the most competitive football odds. When it comes to cricket, they offer one of the widest selections of betting markets including outright or futures betting.  Read the BetVictor Pakistan cricket betting review.

The best online cricket betting sites accepting Pakistani Registrations


Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they don’t spend money on marketing and the savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on major cricket matches. Read the Pinnacle Sports Pakistan cricket betting review.

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888Sport’s parent company has been online since 1997 and are listed on the LSE.  They have the most extensive array of banking methods and a wide array of betting wagering markets across all cricket competitions.  Read the 888Sport Pakistan cricket betting review


William Hill is one of the oldest online sportsbooks, established in 1934 and currently traded on the London Stock Exchange.  William Hill covers all sports well, but especially cricket with coverage.  Read the William Hill Pakistan cricket betting review

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Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top betting sites, they also offer an early cash out feature.  Betway offers great cricket and football betting.  Long-time sponsor of West Ham United FC.

MarathonBet has been operating since 1997 and has recently exploded in popularity with growth sponsorships of top English, Scottish and Spanish football clubs.  They have moved to offer the most comprehensive football and cricket betting coverage with extremely high-paying odds.